INNOVATIONS is the Twin Cities premier Eco Fashion show.


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Educate and Inspire

Today the fashion is moving faster than ever. And it isn’t without cost to people or the planet. With issues in over production, textile waste, water over-consumption, and chemical dyeing, the fashion industry remains the second most pollutant in the world. We need to redesign a better future for fashion .

Through our Eco Design Challenge we are supporting young designers, who are breaking the rules and forging a relationship between sustainability and fashion, through thoughtful, innovative design.


Thoughtful Fashion for All

This is more than just a fashion show. Together with students, stylists, bloggers, and fashion activists we are showing that fashion can be both beautiful and conscious. From backstage to catwalk we’ve been working to curate a zero-waste production.


Our show is inclusive, body positive, and welcoming space for all fashion expressions. These models are you, from your community, and inspired by your street style.

The 2018 Runway

Featured Student Designers


For the 2018 Eco Fashion Design Challenge designers selected an inspirational theme for their garments, based on an element of sustainability outside of fashion. The 2018 theme selections included local organizations that are tackling issues on water, energy, agriculture, technology, and food waste.

In this project runway style competition, designers took their clothing design beyond the limits of fabric, utilizing only found materials destined for the landfill, all while including sustainable practices and philosophies into their runway ready looks. 

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Eco Fashion Design Challenge Winner:
Asyia Youngmark
University of Minnesota

Inspired by closed-loop systems in farming, Asyia's garment explores the idea of biodegradable garments that can return to the earth in a timely manner, thus reducing textile waste while simultaneously replenishing the earth. Her look utilized plant-based materials including corn husks, with the base layered in coffee grounds and living mosses. 

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People's Choice Award Winner:
Designer: Erin Conners
Iowa State University


Designing her look utilizing "food waste", Erin's garment was constructed out of natural fibers, using seeds to dye her fabric, and carving avocado pits for buttons, to create an exquisite plant-based ready to wear outfit.





Behind the Sceens

Photography: KC Filzen

Thank you for joining us for Innovations 2018. 

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